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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Latest Crafting Obsession: Felt!!

I found this little book, "Countyside Softies" by Amy Adams, at our new Michaels store shortly before Christmas. I love all the patterns in this book and I can't stop making them!! It's very rare to absolutely love every pattern in a craft book, but this one just rocks!! The badger below is my favourite I have to say. I love his snout!! I've been using cheap acrylic craft store felt and quilting fabrics to make them as this is my first foray into the world of felt and didn't want to make a huge investment just trying it out, but plan to purchase some real wool Merino felt in the near future. If you're looking for felt inspiration check out GingerMelon on etsy.com, loaded with felt cuties and felt supplies. If you're reading this honey, don't blow a gasket!! I've discovered a whole new crafting genre, and don't you just love it when that happens!!

Benjamin Badger

Great Book!!

The Felt Family. So far!!

What did the fox say??

Meet Betsy

Happy New Year everyone!! This year's resolution is to get off my crafty butt, re-organize my craftroom and work on my blog!! I believe there are two types of crafters. Those who are neat, tidy, totally organized and never purchase more craft stuff than they need. Then there's my type. Chronically disorganized, always has 20 projects on the go that may or may not ever see completion, bags of buttons and baubles all over the floor and always scrambles but works well under pressure to complete deadlines! This is MY year!! A fresh start, I can do it!!
I thought I'd start the year with a little blog tribute. My mother, who is a robust and healthy 76 year old life long crafter, lives in a nanny-flat attached to our home. We bought her an American Girl doll of her own for Christmas this year. She'd had her eye on one ever since our neighbour came over to show off her doll collection, all sporting handmade outfits, this past fall. Meet 'Betsy'. Mom decided to dress her in a 1940's style, similar to what children and dolls wore when she was little. I think she's doing an amazing job!!
I was a figure skater as a young girl and Betsy now has her very own skating outfit! The skates were in Mom's stocking and she looked like a little kid when she opened them!!