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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Homemade Rubber Stamp CLEANER!!!

No picture, but I have something really important to share with all of you!! I've been on a budget kick lately trying to see if I can reduce my craft spending a little bit and I found the gem of all gems!! I was searching the internet the other night and found a Youtube video that explained how to make homemade rubber stamp cleaner.  Well, I tried it and the stuff WORKS!!!  I go through a bottle of stamp cleaner about every 3 months and I paid $5.95 plus tax for my last bottle, never again!! Here's the recipe, you gotta try this stuff, it works better than the store bought cleaner and it smells nice too!

Rubber Stamp Cleaner:
This receipe can be doubled or tripled

1 cup of warm water
1 to 2 Tablespoons of Glycerin, which can be purchased at any drugstore, I paid $4.00 for a bottle
2 or 3 drops of Baby Shampoo (Any brand, but I used Johnson and Johnson because I love the smell!)

I figured a whole bottle costs about $0.20 to make. I tested it and it works beautifully, give it a try! I'll be posting more tips and tricks for the budget conscious crafter over the next few weeks.


  1. Made this cleaner this weekend and works great on stamps. After you telling me that someone tried it on their Cricket cutting sheets to clean the bits of paper off, gave it a try, and it did work great to get all the bits and pieces cleaned off. It didn't "revitalize" the cutting sheets and make them sticky again though. So I tried diluting Aleene's Tac it Over and Over (think that's the name of it -- the same stuff you made the glue dots from) with a bit of water, painted a think layer on the sheet with a paint brush and let it dry. I tried it this afternoon with a piece of paper and it worked great -- you can experiment with the amount of stickiness you want, but a think coat held the paper well, and the pieces that I cut separated well from it! I expect you can re-coat the sheet as needed, and it only took a small amount of glue and water to do!

  2. Sorry -- "think" should read "thin" -- been a long day in the sun!