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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Man Card Alert!!

I love Fridays, especially the last Friday of the month because I get together with an awesome group of card makers! (Hi Girls!) Last month they made a request, they wanted to make a 'Man Card', so I immediately thought tools! I've been doing punch art for as long as I've owned punches, a pretty long time, and I've made punch art tools and several variations of this card in the past. I have never up til now,  put eyes on the tools to make them into characters. I got the idea for the eyes from Wendy over at http://www.stampingstyles.blogspot.com/, so thanks Wendy for the 'eye idea'!
I am pleased with how the card turned out and can't wait to make with you guys! This card has tons of itty bitty pieces and will take quite a while to put together, but because we get together on Fridays and nobody has to get up for work the next day I think we'll be okay!  I made the tools so that they are removable, just in case the 'Man' wants to play with them! The inside of the card features a punch art wrench, I couldn't fit him on the card front and he was too cute to leave out! See you soon!!


  1. I showed this to Tracy this morning before school and her eyes got big and she said "how are we going to do that??!!" LOL We think you're pretty awesome too Jennifer -- you may sell a necklace at the end of this month too -- Tracy told me after we left that she has her eye on one -- which one I don't know! She loves your stuff -- appeals to the girly side of her! LOL

  2. Wow! Thanks Debbie and Tracey! This card has lots of little pieces, but I'll have it already for you! It might take us a little extra time, but hey it's a Friday! Hahaha...