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Saturday, 4 February 2012

What an Awesome Day!!

I have to tell you all about today! I was invited to ' Scrap Booking Event' and spoke to the group about crafting on a budget. Here's a few highlights. I did some comparison online shopping and I recommend these sites:
www.papermonkey.org, this site lists every paper crafting retailer online that is either Canadian or ships to Canada. Of the sites listed I researched and recommend the following:
www.trinitycrafts.ca - discounted prices by 20 to 80%, reasonable shipping as it's located in Acton, Ontario
www.simonsaysstamp.com - reasonable discounted prices, free shipping to Canada on orders over $75.00, flat shipping rate of $5.99 on orders under $50.00, and $7.99 o orders under $75.00, they also have more than 100,000 items in inventory making them the largest supplier on the internet!
www.ohmycrafts.com - great prices and sale bin, good selection of brand name products and reasonable shipping rates.
I will post individually all of the budget tips with photos where applicable so stay tuned budget minded paper crafters!


  1. We enjoyed hearing all your tips for crafting on a budget Jennifer! Thanks so much for coming and doing that for me! A few are inquiring as to where you said the best deal for the Big Shot was, and I completely forget myself -- forgive me if I missed it in the information you posted here, I only quickly looked through, but if you could let us know where, I'll pass the info along! Thanks!

  2. Hi Debbie and Tracey! After some investigation I found the best place to purchase a Bigshot would be www.simonsaysstamp.com. It is an American company and ships to Canada for free if your order is over $75.00. The Bigshot is listed at $99.00 on their site and as it is over $75.00 it would ship for free!!
    See you soon!

  3. Thanks Jennifer, Carmen (the pregnant lady) was asking as well. I think she may have been comparing since she sells Stampin Up! LOL Anyways, someone else was asking too as they missed the info, so I said I would inquire because I couldn't remember which of the companies had it! Still not sure what I want to do. Decisions, decisions . . . LOL