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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Frank's Beautiful Baskets

 My good friend Frank Rosbottom and I have been weaving baskets together for many years now, and I went for a visit today and he showed me his latest baskets. This large basket's frame is made from willow and elm that he gathered last fall. The weaving material is telephone wire! We have a mutual friend that owns a computer business and he gave Frank some left over wire, and just look what he did with it!! Amazing. I am always in awe of the creativity of artists like Frank, we see scrap wire, he sees weaving material. Gorgeous Frank, you are a true inspiration! Frank has severe degenerative arthritis and has some serious mobility issues, but it certainly hasn't affected his artistic ability, he is a gifted artist and one of the kindest most gentle souls I've ever known. He has just started a new blog, not much on it yet but if I know Frank it will grow and be worth a visit shortly. www.themidnightweaver.blogspot.com

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