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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bra and Panty Card

Hey gang! Just a quick post for now, but I'll be back with lots more later today! I have the day to myself in my craftroom and ya never know what will happen!
I always have lots of cards out on display in my craft room. It's where I hang out and I look at them for inspiration and always decorate my room for each season and special holiday. I leave some cards out on display all the time and this is one of them. This card always gets a comment from people who visit my craft room and I love watching the look on their faces when they open it to find 'the other half' on the inside! Hilarious!!
I saw a card similar to this at a girlfriend's house last year and decided to make my own. I have no idea who the original designer is, but she's a clever girl.  I made my own template for this card based on a more 'generous' body type, sort of like my own! She's a DD for sure but she fits into an A2 envelope perfectly!

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