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Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring/Easter Cascade Card

Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, it's a holiday and I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!! I made this card this morning, it's called a 'cascade or cascading card', it was quite a challange but now that I know how to put it together I am going to make another one this afternoon! While I was in bed with the flu I spent some time on the internet and came across a Youtube video featuring this card design, the video is titled, "Payper Box How to Make Cascade Cards". I have to warn you that this company is located in England, so the instructions were basically useless as their cardstock sizes are different and the measurements are in cm instead of inches, but I liked the idea and after fiddling with it I came up with my own template. I never did quite get the hang of the whole metric thing!
As this is my first attempt at this card, I can see several areas where improvements are needed and I think it needs 'more stuff' on it! I'll have another go at it and post the results. Have a great Family Day!


  1. I think you did a fabulous job on your Cascading Card! It is one of my favorite techniques! Love it!

  2. Love this different fold, really fun and cute!