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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Baker's Twine Experiment

After fretting over my poor injured squirrel all day, and not getting a thing done or made, I decided to do something not to taxing and make some Baker's Twine. To make your own twine you will need some good quality cotton 'twine', I used a light vanilla coloured DMC embroidery floss and a permanent marker.  I wrapped the twine around an empty bottle and taped both ends securely. Using a permanent marker draw fairly wide diagonal stripes, spacing them out by about 1/2". I allowed the marker to 'bleed' into the twine and coloured quite heavily. By chance I used a clear bottle so I could see the underside of the twine and how it was absorbing the ink. Let the twine dry for several minutes before removing it and wrapping it to store. I was a little nervous that wet ink might transfer to the uncoloured areas if the ink was not dry. I am very pleased with how it turned out and plan to use it this evening for card making. Total cost $0.33! (The total would be $0.51 if I included the cost of the Dollarstore marker). Either way pretty inexpensive Baker's Twine!

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