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Friday, 6 July 2012

About Face

I have recently discovered a new fun thing to do - face painting! My youngest daughter went to a fun fair at one of out local elementary schools a few weeks ago, and came home with a beautiful butterfly painted on her face. I was so stunned when she walked through the door, the painting was gorgeous! I immediately decided that I had to learn how to do it - so I did!
I did a bit of research on face paint and ordered a beginner kit from a company called Diamondfx which sells quality non-toxic face paint and supplies. I checked out a few face painting videos on Youtube and voila, a face full of butterfly!
This is my first attempt at painting and I have to say that it is much, much easier to paint someone else's face than your own! The lines are a bit 'jiggily', but like anything, practice will improve my technique! I contacted our local hair styling school and they gave me an old hair stylying 'head' to practice on, so I can stop pestering my family and friends to sit still while I experiment on their faces! I have to recommend that if this is something you would like to try, it is worth investing in quality face paint, good quality brushes and facial sponges.This type of face paint takes very little water to moisten and has a smooth creamy texture that makes painting much easier, and it washes off very easliy so little faces won't be irritated by scrubbing with soap! As well, keep your brushes and sponges clean by washing them in warm soapy water and if you are painting more than one face, a little hand sanitizer between faces would be a good idea. Have fun :)


  1. LOL! Of my gosh Jen, is there anything you can't do! It looks great!

  2. I am still learning and I have been practicing on the 'head' I got from the hair dressing school! It's a really fun 'craft'. Ellen asked me to face paint at the museum on Aug 8th, so I will get a chance to paint real people!! Hahaha!

  3. Was that the laugh of an evil face painter! LOL Back to work 2 days and I have already had a week of it!