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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pleasant Poppies - Again!

UUUGGGHH!!! I need to go to computer school! The whole reason I started blogging to begin with was to improve my computer skills, now I am just pulling my hair out! Okay, deep breath, there, I feel a little more in control of myself. I am posting this card again, as I accidentally deleted it last night. I deleted the pictures of the card too, so had to take new ones today, then when I tried to post them, they kept showing up out of order. After 4 tries, I gave up and the pictures are still out of order, ugh!!
Triple Stamping is my new 'fav' stamping technique. It is easy, dramatic and a good technique for all of your large stamps. For this card: cut 3 squares measuring 2", 3", 4" and stack them on top of each other and stamp all at once. There will be a small gap around each image, this is normal. Back each of the images with a co-ordinating card stock squares measuring 1/8" bigger than your stamped images. Adhere them together from larger to smaller, and colour using your favourite method. I used Distress Inks and a paintbrush. I pounce Distress inks of choice onto a plate of glass then use a damp paintbrush to pick up the colour. I stamped the image on a separate sheet of white card stock, coloured then cut out and adhered the heads of all the flowers separately. It added dimension and reduces the risk of a water drip ruining your card. There, my blood pressure is back to normal and I feel much better. Have a nice day everyone:)


  1. This card is absolutely beautiful!!! I love poppies, so it just jumped out at me!

  2. Gorgeous card! Thank you for the excellent instructions, too. I had been wondering how to make these, and now I know! I already made one, and it turned out great!

  3. I love this card! I am wondering, though, how you made the base (stand) of the card?? Thanks for sharing!