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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stampendous Stretchy Stamps - Mini Snowmen

I love Stampendous stamps! When I bought this snowman set initially I didn't realize that the stamps stretched.  It wasn't until I read the package when I got it home and checked out Stampendous.com that I began to understand just how cool these stretchy stamps are! I decided to make a little zigzag card after seeing a similar card somewhere (if I find the source, I will post it - sorry!). Stamp and colour snowmen and dress them up in their little hats and scarves, I used my Prismas and added stickles. Draw tree shape or use clipart, cut out and run through crimper.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Where did you get the stretchy snowmen stamp from?

    1. Stretchy stamps are made by Stampendous. They are available at some rubber stamping stores, or you can order them off the internet which is what I do as I live in Northern Ontario and we don't have a big craft retailer here.