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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's a Rainbow Day!

The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day! I was just reading the March/April issue of Papercrafts Magazine, and it's full of rainbows. I thought I would join them! The third picture I posted shows the new watercolour paints we are all going to get to play with some time in the very near future. When I pulled them out of the drawer I thought how pretty they are, so I took a picture and decided to share it!  I looked around my very messy craftroom, (I'm a messy crafter!) and found a couple of rainbow related items! The card is based on one that is featured in the magazine article, nothing to fancy but a quick card to make. I've never been so anxious for spring to come as I have been this year. It's been a long, dark and snowy winter and the sunlight is such a relief! Have a great day everyone, and we'll give the paints a test drive very shortly! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, luv the butterfly "SMILE" card -- maybe I'll come to your place for coffee and we can play with paint in your craft room! LOL Just joking! I'm not afraid to post on your blog! LOL

  2. That's a great idea!! Come on over any and every evening, I would love the company! I'm sitting all alone in my craft room creating and I have no one to talk to but the dog! Any time, I'm serious, you could bring something to work on and you are welcome to anything I have here!! Please do!!

  3. Thanks! Honestly I haven't been home an entire evening this week! Monday we had hair cuts, last night Tracy's dance class, tonight Kyle's drum class, tomorrow . . . gosh maybe nothing but after what I anticipate will be a very busy daycare day that will be good! Friday we want to do groceries because Saturday I will be at the scrap all day, and Sunday we will be celebrating my mom's 83rd birthday and Dave and Kyle will be volunteering at the museum train display . . . and that brings me back to Monday! LOL My life isn't quite so busy all the time though, so I will keep it in mind . . . :)