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Friday, 9 March 2012

The RIT Dye Experiment

The computer and I just had a fight, it won. It loaded my pictures in the opposite order, despite repeated arguing. Hmmph!!
I did an alcohol ink experiment today, with some success, although I found it to be a little more work than using alcohol markers. A few strong words of caution: 1) RIT Dye stains, everything. 2) RIT Dye is very poisonous, do not allow any utensils used to ever contact food.
I mixed 2 ounces of 99% rubbing alcohol with 2 Tablespoons of dye powder, stirred and let it stand for 10 minutes. The dye will not completely dissolve and leaves a residue. I used a small screen (harvested from my mother's tea kettle, shh!) and put it in the base of the funnel before pouring the mixture into a mini squirt bottle. I am happy with the colour, but would add more dye and let it stand longer next time. I paid a whopping $0.99 for the box of dye and $4.00 for a huge bottle of rubbing alcohol, so this batch of ink cost about $0.60 to make. I didn't include the $0.99 I paid for the plastic jug at the Dollarstore. Bottom line, a little messy, but I would try this again and will post the results:)

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