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Monday, 14 May 2012

Purple Bees if you Please

When I was a little kid in grade 1, I remember getting into trouble from the teacher for coloring a picture of a frog purple instead of green. When she asked me why I had done it, I told her that I knew frogs were green, and that I'd colored the frog purple because it was a picture and it wasn't real! I have loved purple ever since!
I made a card a few days ago using this stamp and was looking for an image that would go with the purple flower explosion on the inside. I saw the bees on my desk and decided purple bees would be just fine! They are colored using Distress inks and markers loaded onto a glass plate, then picked up with a wet watercolor brush. Stickled the wings and 'feelers'.
Now that my daughters are home for the summer, I am going to get one of them to show me how to make a video so I can post a tutorial on the exploding flower. Stay tuned!

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