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Monday, 14 May 2012

Ya Learn Something New Everyday...

I haven't been writing this blog very long, I started it over the Christmas break 3 1/2 months ago. I make a New Year's resolution each year, and this year I decided to improve my computer skills and thought writing a blog about what I love to do would be a way I could teach myself at my own pace. I learned something new today. Blogspot has recently changed their blog format,which upset my tea kettle, but it actually helped me explore 'buttons' that I would otherwise be a bit nervous to press! My daughter keeps telling me the only way to learn is to 'press stuff and see what happens'. So I did.
I checked my blog statistics while exploring today and discovered to my total surprise that my little card making blog is being read by people all over the world! This may not be a big surprise to some of you more computer savvy types, but I am amazed! I sit in my little craft room typing my blog entries in with one arthritic finger, and somehow thought that the World Wide Web would just absorb what I do like liquid into a sponge. Just imagine my surprise to discover that card making is alive and well in New Zealand, and people are reading my blog in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Alaska....Wow. Hello everybody.

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