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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Guess What I Got for Christmas??

I have the greatest husband in the world! We've been mostly happily married (nobody's perfect) for almost 24 years, even though he's not much of a crafter and thinks art is the guy who ploughs our driveway in the winter, life is good.
I am sort of a chatterbox at home, well everywhere, but that's where I talk to him the most and sometimes I think he really doesn't listen. Well, apparently, I am 'wrong'. There dear, it's in print for the whole world to see - just be aware this is a one time deal!
I am a HUGE Suzi Blu fan and I have been talking about about wanting to buy her new book," Mixed Media Girls", which by the way is an amazing book, for the past several weeks. Well, what do you think I found under the tree on Christmas morning? Not only was he listening and bought the right book, but he managed to keep it a secret and wrapped it all by himself! Way to go dear, you knocked it out of the park this time!
Mixed media is something I really enjoy and if you are interested in it as well, I highly recomment this book. Clear instructions, tons of colour pictures, lots of tips that are totally new to me and it comes with a DVD featuring Suzi Blu demonstrating her techniques. F.Y.I. - Suzi Blu has just launched a line of rubber stamps featuring her 'girls', you can check them out at www.bluemoonscrapbooking.com.

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