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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Good Advice...

Of all the punches in my considerable punch collection, I love my Two Step Owl punch by Stampin' Up! the best. I never get tired of it, and it can be used to make sooo much more than the owls it was meant to make. For this card, I did add wings to the owls, courtesy of my Two Step Bird punch, also by SU! If you don't have that punch, you can make wings from cutting a wing shape from a scallop circle, or cut them free hand.
The sky background on this card is made by applying homemade alcohol ink to glossy cardstock using a piece of cotton felt attached by Velcro to a wooden block. I make my alcohol ink from Sharpie markers or 'permanent' markers. I can make it for pennies and I can control the color. If you would like to try making your own alcohol ink, it's super easy, although a bit messy!
Here's how:
1. Select a Sharpie marker and take it apart
2. Remove the felt 'tube' inside, it will be juicy so you might want to wear gloves or handle tube with pliers or tweezers!
3. Pour about an ounce of 99% alcohol into a glass container (I purchased the alcohol at Wal-Mart for about $5.00. That's enough to make several batches of ink)
4. Soak the felt 'ink tube' in the alcohol so it will release the ink. You can cut the tube in half or thirds to help the ink come out faster.
5. When the 'ink tube' turns white, you can discard it. Ink is ready!
You can put the ink into a spray bottle and use it that way. Even add a little Perfect Pearls to it to make home made Glimmer Mist, for pennies I might add. Or use it like I have in this example, by putting it into a squirt bottle and applying it with a felt pad. The possibitities are endless!!

Squirt ink onto felt pad, then pounce onto card stock. This is my 'cheapie' Tim Holtz style applicater tool. Wood block with self adhesive Velcro attached.

To make inks, use either 'Sharpie' brand markers, or markers that say "permanent ink" on them. The red marker is a dollarstore version of Sharpie and they work just as well as the brand name markers!

Make sure to use glossy cardstock for this technique!!

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Good advice ;)

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