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Friday, 18 January 2013

Happy Birthday - to EWE!!

I need a new camera! If you're reading this oh wonderful husband of mine - Mother's Day is just around the corner! Sorry for the blurry pics!
My Mom kept some of the more interesting greeting cards I received as a kid in a shoe box and came across it last week during her after Christmas house clean-up. I found a paper doll card I got from my Grandmother back in the 1960's, which spurred the idea for this card.
This card is basically a gate fold card with a hole cut in the back of it, and I decorated the back instead of the front. I decided to place the puppet sticks on top of the sheep instead of the bottom as it makes the characters easier to play with when the theatre is set up.
I placed a narrow strip of card stock inside the card at the bottom to create a 'trough' to hold the sheep in place when the card is closed. I made a figure '8' closure on the back of the card to secure it and it also helps hold the sheep in place. I have some friends coming over next week for a night of gabbing and card making (yeah!) and I think this will be one of the cards we make. They wanted to make two cards, a girl and boy birthday card and I think this fits the bill! Baaaa!

This picture shows the trough which holds the sheep in place.

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