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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thank You, Thank You...

I have been working on thank you cards for an upcoming family wedding over the past couple of days, and thought I would share a few of the card designs. One of the requirements is that I can reproduce 150 of them, so the card needs to be simple. The other requirement is postage. Often hand made cards require extra postage because of the thickness and weight and with mailing 150 cards keeping postage costs down is a must. I decided to test out my new Breezy Wreath Die by Poppystamps inc. The web site is www.poppystamps.com and the dies are available at both online and 'real life' papercrafting stores.
It's perfect for this type of card as it adds a pretty design element, but practically no weight. I was concerned about the die being 'flimsy' because it's so delicate, but it's a tough stainless steel die and after many uses shows absolutely no wear. The wreath is also a symbol of eternity so it's appropriate as well. I die cut two wreaths then layered them, added some punched mini flowers and a few dabs of Stickles. The bride actually chose another design, a beautiful stamped wildflower card, but she really liked this one too, so I thought I would share it as wedding season is fast approaching! Dada da da. da da da da....

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