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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A 'Beary' Special Doll House

I have the attention span of a gnat! I went downstairs to my craftroom with every intention of cleaning it up (it looks like a bomb went off in it!) and got side tracked when I found my set of Build-A-Bear dies from Stampin' Up!
This little doll house card is a gift by itself, but you could tuck a gift card into the bear's bed to make it an awesome gift. If I were a little girl, I would be tickled pink to receive this!
To make a doll house card you need to score a 12" x 12" piece of sturdy card stock horizontally and vertically at 6", then remove one of the four quadrents. Keep that piece to create the band on the card front to hold the little bear. If you don't have the bear die, you could always make a punch art little girl, or character. I might just try that! You can spend hours decorating this little house. I decided to add a couch made from the Top Note die by Stampin' Up!, it folds up when the card is closed. You could even put several of these cards together and create a multi-room little villa. I might try that too! I made the little dresser that the flat screen TV sits on from a sheet of real wood, and used lots of bits and pieces from my scrap card stock bin to decorate. So much for cleaning my craft room, it was a disaster before I started this card, now it's completely destroyed! Ugh!


  1. what an adorable card I just love the design

  2. This is AMAZING. I came here from Kim's blog (Scraps of Faith) and I am just blown away! Thank you for the instructions, I'm gonna have to try this! Best, CG http://cg-says.blogspot.com/