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Monday, 23 January 2012

Eye Candy

Anyone for hors d'oeurves? I'm one of those crafters who jump from craft to craft, cards one day jewellery or baskets the next! It's a curse, I can't stay focused on one thing, too many crafts too little time! I love these sterling silver wire rings, they look so much like candy that I have them on my desk on a glass tray. Making jewellery is one of my many crafting passions, I like shiny things! These rings take a little practice to make and if it's something you would like to try I recommend using inexpensive 20 gauge craft or floral wire to practice. Nothing makes me more sad than to waste a nice strand of silver wire! You will also need a ring making/sizing mandrel, to wrap your your wire around, and some pretty beads, 'coin' shaped work best.

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