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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Quilter's Tote with Burgandy Accent Band

It's a sweltering -30*c outside today, but at least the sun is shining and it stopped snowing! I decided to photograph this tote outside in the sun and I'm glad I did, it really shows the colors well. This tote is woven from 5/8" flat rattan reed, and the handle is wrapped in 1/4" wide reed cut from the outer shell of rattan. It almost has a 'tortoise shell' look to it. The rim is made from 5/8" flat oval, packed with #3 seagrass and wrapped with #2 round reed.
I will be teaching basket weaving later this spring/summer so stay tuned! I would like to do a weekend workshop when the snow melts, on natural basketmaking. We will start it off with a little field trip to cut the materials we will need. Should be a fun weekend! I'll post pictures of the upcoming basket projects in a few weeks.

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